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Which Anne Hathaway look looks best?

Hello everyone! Here we go again with another post about which celebrity look looks best. Today it’s Anne Hathaway’s turn to be on the limelight.

Probably one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood, I’ve always believed Anne Hathaway would always look good in whatever dress she would wear. So I thought of comparing two of her recent looks and find out which of them looks best on this Hollywood darling.

On the left side of the photo is Anne attending the American Museum of the Natural History’s annual Winter Dance clad in an asymmetrical beaded taupe frock. The dress’ cut is actually flattering to the actress’ body with emphasis on her beautiful shoulder. What I don’t like is that long wishy-washy sleeves; it looks too distracting.

On the other hand, sporting on a sexy black gown at the Human Right’s Annual Gala in Century, the 25-year-old actress is just breathtaking. This look sure is a winner. It’s simple, it’s classic, and oh-so beautiful.

Need I say which look is the best?

by Rechelle Tolinero

Madonna goes hard with Hard Candy album cover

Although I’m all praises about Hollywood veterans still (trying) looking hot and sexy despite their age, I still believe and think that it’s high time stars like Madonna and Demi Moore should act and LOOK their age.

Just take a look at Madonna’s cover for her latest album, Hard Candy. I know it sure is steamy hot. In fact it proves true to Madonna’s claim that it will “kick your ass”. With the pop diva sporting on a wrestling belt and in a steamy pose, Madonna once again proves that her sex appeal is still there and never fades.

Well, it sure is still there, but never fades? Come on, I know a lot would disagree but this photo would have been really really hot 15 or 20 years ago. Okay, nothing’s wrong with looking and feeling young. However, I think it’s time for Madonna to really do some moderation.

No question about her sex appeal, just that, she’s a mother for Pete’s sake!

by Rechelle Tolinero

Miley Cyrus: The Girl Who’s Better in Wax

Can you actually tell which one’s real and which one’s wax on the photo above? Well let me tell you, the left one’s the real Miley Cyrus and the opposite’s the wax figure showcased at Madame Tussauds in New York City on Thursday.

Wow! The figure looked just so like the teen sensation. Only, it looked better than the real version I guess. I don’t know but ironically I think the wax figure looks more real than the real one. The eyes; I think they look more alive and lovely. And the smile; it’s more genuine compared to the real Miley. I wonder how they make something as flawless and beautiful as this one.

According to sources, the first 100 fans who got to see Miley’s wax figure received a free admission t-shirts, CDs, and DVDs. Most fans though were wearing Custom T Shirts with prints like “got Miley?” and “I Heart Miley Cyrus”.

I think these fans should really visit SonicShack so they can design their own shirts, and maybe put their Miley fanatic creativity in it.

Gee, I guess more and more kids would get hooked to this Miley mania. I just hope they won’t use this wax figure of their idol as an object of worship. ‘Coz really, this Miley Cyrus mania is scaring me. I have little sisters, too and I get alarmed with how those young ones go gaga over Miley.

Hmmm… When will I ever get to have my own wax figure like Miley’s? These figures seem to be a measure of one’s popularity in Hollywood. No wonder more and more stars want to be ‘waxed’ too.

by Rechelle Tolinero

Which Nicole Richie look looks best?

by Rechelle Tolinero

It’s a Good Friday folks. Although I really am on a recollection mode today, I guess when it comes to celebrity fashion I have to make a little bit of an excuse. ***Guilty face***

Anyway, it’s time for another which celebrity look looks best. Today, it’s new mom with a new oh-lala body, Nicole Richie.

Satin or black?

Arriving at the DCMA Collective flagship store opening in Los Angeles, the socialite was clad in a sexy satin which flattered her postbaby breasts well. Well Nicole might be complaining of her new ‘bountiful’ front, but I don’t think she’d be able to pull off this dress without that sexy cleavage.

Really Nicole, most women would surely trade anything to have those boobies. Enjoy it while it lasts girl, if it’s any consolation, you won’t have those forever.

On the other side of the photo is Nicole looking classy wearing a Miu Miu frock paired with Louboutins at Prada’s presentation of Trembled Blossoms in Beverly Hills. I certainly think Nicole should flaunt her new curves more often. Anybody could definitely see her transformation from a notorious socialite to a changed woman. This look sure shows a mature and wiser Nicole.

Looking at Nicole Richie with those two different looks makes one surely think that motherhood suits her really well. And it’s not just her post-baby curves I’m talking about, it’s that inner glow and contentment that only a new-born can give.

So, satin or black?!

Demi Moore is an ageless babe

by Rechelle Tolinero

Okay, I know I once said that Hollywood veterans like Madonna and Demi Moore should start acting and behave their age now, but I guess I would have to retract that opinion on Demi.

Visiting the “Late Show with David Letterman”at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City, the 45-year-old wife of Ashton Kutcher is a picture of one hot babe! Dang, she’s looking so hot and sexy without having to show much skin!

Demi here sure defined the real meaning of sexiness, and that is self confidence. And what better way for one to gain that degree of self confidence but through experience and age.

Now that’s what I mean with acting and behaving your age without having to compromise your look and fashion sense. Ditto for Demi!

Heidi Montag is a sexy bunny

by Rechelle Tolinero

Well I guess this is the right post to greet everyone a (belated) Happy Easter! And along with us celebrating the special day, The Hills stars and 2-year hot flames, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were on their bunny costumes (at least the ears) to do some Easter egg hunt with Spencer’s niece.
Wooo… Heidi sure is one sexy bunny. I guess with her, the word bunny isn’t too wholesome anymore. But I sure love the flower printed dress. Totally charming for someone whose image is not that charming at all.
Anyway, I guess this is just one of those rare moments when we get to see this 21-year-old hot babe having such unadulterated fun. Some captured moment I truly thank for having the best web hosting.
I mean you know, with a blog that requires posting a lot of photos everyday, my blog’s web host is just amazing for enabling me to continue doing this stuff day by day.
Now I wonder if this nicey floral dress is also available on Heidi Montag’s new fashion line. Being a sexy bunny ain’t so bad after all

Mad Beyoncé, Fugly Beyoncé

Calling the attention of Beyoncé Knowles‘ stylist and beautician, the bootielicious diva badly needs your help! – Seriously.
Yes, folks that is Beyoncé above. Although a bit distorted and ‘fugly,’ that is her doing the latest ad of her clothing line, House of Dereon.
Geez, I wonder if the ad’s photographer is just mad at her or something. Anybody who sees this would surely ask what happened to her face; her lips look fuller (but not the Angelina way) and her nose looks odd. You know, if Beyoncé’s that serious in selling clothes, she shouldn’t have done this ad with this kind of look. I bet avatars would look better than her.

Speaking of which, why don’t the diva and her team visit DollSpace instead and check out the forum’s wide range of avatars created and customized by its users. It would be a better campaign than this one here.
The House of Dereon is a collaboration of Beyoncé and her mom Tina, where the latter is the designer of the clothing line.
After being criticized by PETA for wearing and using fur in her clothing line, I’m sure the Destiny’s Child member is up for another set critics for this incredulous ad.
I am a big Beyoncé fan and I so love her. But her ad here is honestly her best.

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Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Christina Applegate -- Greek Goddess

The Samantha Who? star has come along ways from her days as Kelly Bundy on Married with Children. Christina Applegate looked elegant in this white with silver embroidered Grecian inspired gown by Elie Saab. And her wavy — sort of bed-head — hair was the perfect 'do to match this fabulous dress.

What did you think of Christina Applegate's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Sara Ramirez -- Hot...

Sara Ramirez rocked this fuchsia strapless evening gown by Angel Sanchez. Labeled by E! as one of the curvaceous stars on the red carpet, Ms. Ramirez, of Grey's Anatomy, complimented her look with drop earrings from Neil Lane and stunning pumps.

What did you think of Sara Ramirez's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Jenna Fischer -- Midnight Blues

Jenna Fischer was better dressed at the SAG Awards than she was at the Emmy's in 2007. But her midnight blue gown with silver crystals, reminded us of the night sky and not a hot Hollywood star. While we love Jenna on The Office, we wish she would take more fashion advice from a stylist and less advice from the character she plays on TV.

What did you think of Jenna Fischer's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008---Jane Krakowski -- The Green Monster

And we don't mean jealousy. We love Jane Krakowski, and we love Catherine Malandrino, but we don't know what they were thinking. While the mossy green is gorgeous, the craft inspired pom-pom neckline and bodice detail brings this dress from best dressed to best craft of the year.

What did you think of Jane Krakowski's look?

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Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Vanessa Williams -- All a Glow

Ms. Williams drew a lot of hisses for her mint green feathered dress at the 2007 Emmy Awards, but the former Miss America looked radiant in the gown she wore to this year's SAG Awards. We're sure the fashion police will all agree that though the orange/yellow colored floor-length gown with black sash was a little Halloween-y, overall it was an excellent choice.

What did you think of Vanessa Williams' look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Teri Hatcher -- Flower Power

A fan of Badgley Mischka for years, the former Lois Lane and star of Desperate Houswives looked lovely in this white gown with pastel florals. The crystal details at the waist and bust lines were the perfect accents to this stunning dress.

What did you think of Teri Hatcher's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Sandra Oh -- Oh No

While we understand the Korean inspiration, we think this voluminous gown looks more like a Christmas present Ms. Oh forgot to unwrap last month. This dress would have been great when bows were back a few red carpet seasons ago, but between the hot pink color and long sash that screamed "pull me" this dress was near the top of our Worst Dressed List

What did you think of Sandra Oh's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Amanda Bynes -- Emerald Isle

Teen movie star Amanda Bynes looked like a million bucks in this blue-green strapless gown by Marchesa. The bust line is decorated with beautiful metallic beading and embroidery. The ruffled tiered skirt covered a pair of strappy gold Jimmy Choo shoes. And we also noticed her new blond locks - very nice Amanda.

What did you think of Amanda Bynes' look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Ellen Pompeo -- Metallic

We were not big fans of Ms. Pompeo's overall look at the 2007 Emmy Awards, but this Nina Ricci gown was drop-dead gorgeous. The silver-grey fabric looked like liquid on the Grey's Anatomy star.

What did you think of Ellen Pompeo's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Ellen Page -- Sweet But Sour

Many starlets wore cocktail-length dresses to this year's SAG Awards, and this black one by Zac Posen was too simple and inappropriate for a rising star at a black tie event. We would have liked to see the Oscar nominated actress in something more special, and we're hoping we will on February 24th.

What did you think of Ellen Page's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Cate Blanchett -- In Full Bloom

Portraying both Queen Elizabeth I and rock legend Bob Dylan in 2007 earned the Academy Award Winner — for The Aviator in 2004 — both a SAG Award nomination and an Oscar nomination. While we don't get to vote for the winners of these highly prized awards, we do give Ms. Blanchet our vote for the most beautiful mom-to-be. Her black Balenciaga gown with all-over floral pattern was perfect for the red carpet.

What did you think of Cate Blanchett's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Eva Longoria Parker -- Glitterati

Always looking radiant on the red carpet, Mrs. Parker did not disappoint in this white and silver Naeem Khan gown. Baring her back and hugging all of her curves, this dress stood out in a sea of so-so and okay gowns, putting it at the top of our Best Dressed List.

What did you think of Eva Longoria Parker's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt -- Perfect Pair

Arriving fashionably late and skipping all the pre-interviews, this dapper duo won the award for looking both glamorous and in love as they strolled along the red carpet holding hands and giggling. We guess Angie wanted to fan the flames of pregnancy rumors in her voluminous brown colored gown—which by the way was one of our favorite dresses of the night

What did you think of Angelina Jolie's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Entourage -- Group Hug

The cast of Entourage may not have won an Actor for their testosterone-filled series, but they do win the award for most fashionable cast on the red carpet. The men (and women) of the hot HBO comedy series looked cool and stylish in one of the more popular looks of the night — black suits with black ties.

What did you think of the cast of Entourage's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Brittany Snow -- Snow White

The former American Dreams star looked like a dream in this white and silver fitted gown. Designed by Zuhair Murad, this frock flattered all of the young star's curves, and Ms. Snow looked radiant.

What did you think of Brittany Snow's look?

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Debra Messing -- Golden Girl

We love funny girl Debra Messing but we're torn on her red carpet look. Sparkling in this glittering gold Oscar de la Renta gown, we're not sure if the Starter Wife star looks radiant or more like an Oscar statuette? And while bed-head hair has been a fashion do for some time now, there's a difference between professionally styled bed-head hair vs. the woke-up and got out of bed hair. Tough call.

Best & Worst Dressed: SAG Awards 2008 - Tina Fey -- Short & Sweet

Looking as lovely as ever, 30 Rock creator and star, Tina Fey, chose an elegant black cocktail dress designed by Alberta Ferretti. The SAG Award winner for Best Actress in a Comedy chose a dress with two popular red carpet looks - — the asymmetrical neckline and a belted waist. We also loved the Lorraine Schwartz bangles in diamond and colored stones.

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